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Australian Tour - 35+ locations

Learn the mysterious ways of a Photoshop Wizard, Learn the Photoshop art of Alchemy, Learn the skills to transform the most ordinary of photos into Extraordinary works of Photographic Art!

Some say its a dark art, to be practised by only the brave or foolhardy. Not so, the art of Photoshop Wizardry is one of rejuvenation and elevation, bestowing Light, Life, Vibrancy, Excitement and Emotion, Awakening ordinary photos from their humdrum slumber.

During the Workshop of Wizardry, you will not only learn of the Wizard ways, tools, sorcery, and techniques, you will also be granted the sacred knowledge of how and where to use these skills, resulting in the most Enchanting, Spell-Binding, Breathtaking Photography!

Transforming ordinary into Extraordinary

Join Easy Way Photography Teacher & 3 x NSW AIPP Landscape Photographer of the Year, Adam Williams,  for a workshop that will transport your photography to a higher realm!


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If you live in Australia,  enquire here and let us know your name and location - once there is enough interest for your location, Adam will contact you to inform you of an upcoming workshop near you!

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Creating Award Winning Work.

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You are beautiful, your eye is unique. The Bohemian Creative will help you to combine your inner beauty and unique vision into Emotive, Dramatic works of photographic art! Learn more.

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Risk Takers, Rule Breakers, Story Tellers, Image Makers, We are the Bohemian Creative! Sign up and free your Creative Soul Today!

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Interested in getting some face time with a professional? The Bohemian Creative organises workshops across Australia run by Adam Williams himself. Learn Photoshop at a workshop near you. Adam Williams is an award winning landscape photographer. Learn more about his work.

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